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Miscellaneous Parts

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Miscellaneous Parts
Description Product Number List Price
48" Spears SPR0095 $130.00
36" Spears SPR0095 $130.00
48" Import Spears ISPR0060 $80.00
Receivers RCV0800 $10.65
Spear Bushing 2" O.D. SPB20600 $8.00
Spear Pins SPRPN00100 $1.20

Wielded Cutting Edges
1/2" x 4" Beveled Flat 124BFPI0110 $1.50 Per Inch
1/2" x 6" Beveled Flat 126BFPI0145 $1.95 Per Inch
3/4" x 6" Beveled Flat 346BFPI00190 $2.55 Per Inch

Miscellaneous Couple Quick Parts .
Description Product Number List Price
Kup'L-Rite Locks (New Style) KRLCK00600 $8.00
Kup'L-Rite Locks (Old Style) KRLCK001200 $16.00
Kup'L-Rite Loader Pins KRLDRPN0750 $10.00